One Pink Unicorn

I don’t know any unicorn stories. Do they grant wishes or what? Anyway, my granddaughter mentioned wanting one this summer, so I’m making one for her birthday.

I thought I had sworn off making any more stuffed animals, but this time, unlike when I turned a 2D drawing of a hen into a 3D stuffed hen, I’m working from a pattern to save a few headaches. I’m using the downloaded Horsey Horse and Unicorn from Funky Friends Factory. It seems like it will be complicated enough, given the size of some of the pieces, but at least I know they should work together. I’m most worried about the unicorn’s horn, getting that twisted look right, so I’m prepared to try it out multiple times to get it right.

I’m using flannel for the body and flannel-backed satin for the contrasting elements, except for some stretchy silver satin swimsuit fabric to make the horn stand out and take the eye off so much pink—pink is not this child’s first color choice, but my choices were limited.

The instructions, which are in a convenient checklist, get you though all the stitching, even the hard parts.

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